Monday, June 6, 2011


Elst, The Netherlands

Let’s start by telling us a little about yourself:

My name is Maria.
I'm 18 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my parents, my two little brothers and little sister.
I study mathematics, physics and astronomy. I totally love it, but it takes a lot of my time.

Besides working with clay, what other things do you like to do?

I love going to university! I also really like cycling, cooking, baking far too many cupcakes, shopping, music, roller skating, hanging out with friends and playing with my little brother and sister :)

How long have you been working with polymer clay? How did you get started?

I’ve had a DeviantArt account for 4 years now. I saw people make great stuff out of polymer clay and I decided to buy some clay.

Do you have any formal training or are you self taught?

I’m self taught. But the things I make aren’t extremely hard to make ;)

How do you best describe your designs and your brand?

Cute. I hope people consider my designs cute.

How do you get ideas to create a piece? What inspires you?

Whenever I feel like it, I just start claying. And that usually results in something I like. It might sound weird, but I’m often inspired by food. Miniature food is really fun to make, because cupcakes, ice creams and cakes look great!
Robots and old school video games are also inspiring :)

Do you work with any specific styles or subject matter?

As long as I consider something cute, I can use it as inspiration for my creations.

What is your favorite piece(s) to make?

I especially enjoy making jewelry. Rings and necklaces are my favorites!

What challenges have you faced in your work?

I’ve just started my first Etsy shop. It’s difficult to sell stuff. But I try to promote my shop as much as possible!

Have you ever had a clay project “disaster” happen while making an order for a customer? If so, what happened?

Nope. And I hope I never will.

How has the internet impacted your art?

Because of the internet, I started claying. Therefore internet had a great impact.
Besides, I use the internet to promote my shop.

What things do you do to market your business?

I’m active on DeviantArt and on forums. My friends help me to promote my new shop too.

How do you decide upon what products you are going to sell?

I ask friends and my little brother for advice. If they are enthusiastic about an item, I decide to sell it.

Where do you create?

At home. My brothers and sister like to watch when I’m creating.

Would you like to share a photo of your studio?

No, sorry. I don’t really have a studio. A picture of our kitchen table isn’t very interesting, I think..

Is there a favorite polymer clay supply you can’t live without?

No, except the polymer clay itself, I don’t use any supplies. Sometimes a knife or a skewer.

What are your upcoming collections that we should look out for?

I’m planning to come up with more clay jewelry, like little chocolates, donuts or flowers.

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