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Honeysuckle Finds on Etsy

In my previous post, 
I provided you with a story from The Thread Stylist on 
THE color of 2011....

With that said...
here are some of my HONEYSUCKLE finds from Etsy!

Leather Iphone Case
By TinderBloom

Vintage Glass Earrings
By Beyondtherockz

Floral Corner Scroll Embellishment for Scrapbooking
By Angelicafranssen
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Clay Heart Ring

Silk Scarf

Mini Bath Cuppie Soap Bath Bomb

Journal with Mixed Pages

By SweetHeartStudio
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Gift Box
By Ecovintagevegan
Display Image
By Rafikasuhandi

Felt Boutonniere
By FuzzyRose

Wood Organizer


Organic Mineral Eye Color

Honeysuckle: THE Color for 2011

by Ariel Kaiser, The Thread Stylist, on Tue Dec 7, 2010 10:52am PST 

Last year's Pantone color of the year was turquoise 
because of its calming effect (much-needed after a tumultuous 2009). 
This year, they're forecasting a way more vibrant color: 
According to Pantone Color Institute 
Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, 
“In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. 
Honeysuckle is a captivating, 
stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going 
– perfect to ward off the blues." 
It's already been on the red carpet, 
as you'll see below, 
and it's showing up in various of shades of cute items right now!

Pac Sun Tee
Pac Sun tee, $14.00 or 2 for $20.00. 
Forever 21 Necklace
Forever 21 beaded necklace, $5.44. 

Delia's Dress
 Delia's satin strapless dress, $44.50. 

Wet Seal Ruffle Pump
 Wet Seal ruffle pump, $15.00. 

Kate Spade Bangle
Kate Spade bangle, $42.00. 
Old Navy Sweater

Old Navy sweater, $34.50. 

Ebags Drawstring Bag
Ebags drawstring purse, $38.40. 

 Marc Jacobs Earrings

Marc Jacobs earrings, $48.00.

How to Find the Hidden Cash in Your Attic

By Catey Hill - Friday, December 24, 2010

As certainly as your kids will wake up at 5 a.m. on Christmas, 
sometime during your annual holiday pilgrimage home, 
your mother will say, "I do wish you'd go through those boxes in the attic." 
Maybe this year, you shouldn't fight her. 
In fact, help her sell all that stuff -- it could be lucrative.

With thrifty consumers on the lookout for quality used goods,
they're hitting estate sales -- 
and spending more money. 
Bargain hunters are spending about 15 to 25% more at estate sales now, 
compared to a year ago, estimates Caring Transitions, 
a company that manages estate sales and relocation around the country.
Nationwide Estate Sales, a similar company, 
pegs the increase at around 10 to 15%, or more. 
Buyers are paying more per item, says John Buckles, president of Caring Transitions, 
and if they have to return to collect their first purchase, they often buy more. 
"We hadn't really seen that before," he said.

Good timing.
And not just because it's family pilgrimage time.
There are 2.1 million baby boomers with a house on the market today,
according to the National Association of Realtors, making up 40% of all home sellers.
Many are selling a family home in favor of smaller, more manageable abodes
-- which means they have years worth of furniture, books,
games and knick-knacks to divest.
Of course, it can be hard to tell what's worth the effort,
and unless your childhood home was a trove of fine art and rare books,
this process won't make you rich.
Consider: Even the prized possessions presented on PBS' "Antiques Roadshow"
are typically valued at less than $500, says Marsha Bemko, executive producer of the show.
And many of the items that were hot a few years ago
-- like shabby chic furniture and Beanie Babies
-- won't fetch the kind of cash they once commanded.
Still, done properly, an estate sale could cover the cost of
a move and then some:
A typical sale might yield up to $7,000, says Lori Tucci,
an appraiser at Los-Angeles-based Estate Sale Angels.
SmartMoney asked the experts how down-sizers can make the most money
-- when they should bargain hard, when they should take the best offer they can get,
and what items to give away.
Here's what we found in four popular categories:


Bargain hard: Mid-century modern furniture from the '50s and '60s is especially popular,
says Tucci. A mid-century modern buffet that sold for $75 or $100 earlier this decade,
for example, could now sell for $300 to $400, adds Christine Acosta,
who co-founded Key Estate Sales,
a Chicago-based estate sale company, with her husband.

Take the best offer: Everyday furniture like couches,
chairs and coffee tables may sell, especially if the pieces are light wood,
aren't chunky and less than five years old.
A couch in good condition might fetch a few hundred dollars
through a site like Craigslist -- more if its leather.

Free with purchase: Wall-mounted televisions have rendered most
entertainment centers obsolete, and mattresses and
bedding have never sold well, experts agree.
And clunky, dark-wood pieces like traditional dining and
bedroom sets just aren't in style right now.


Bargain hard: Expect high prices for couture brands like Chanel and Gucci
- especially vintage pieces -- as well as other high-quality vintage from the 40s and 60s.
Buyers have also been snapping up finely made vintage fur capes this season,
which can fetch up to $500, says Lauren Houdlett,
founder of accessories label Fat Baby Deer.

Take the best offer: Even if your pieces don't meet the quality standards of
an exacting vintage connoisseur, clothing in good condition from retro-hip eras
like the '40s, '60s, or '80s will still sell, says Brian Elenson,
owner of 2MuchStuff4Me, a New York-based estate- and garage-sale company.
And Native-American style pieces are popular too, Houdlett says -- for now.

Free with purchase: Mass-produced items from large chain stores like
GAP or L.L. Bean are usually destined for Goodwill,
or the smock-box at a local school.
Same goes for anything heavily stained, sweatshirts, or sweatpants.

Books and Records

Bargain hard: If you have first- or limited-edition books,
or copies signed by the author, have them appraised before
you put them on a table with the Prince of Tides.
Something like a limited edition, leather-bound book of Tennessee Williams
plays could bring in hundreds, as can leather-bound series,
especially Franklin Library books --
the company produced collector-edition books, often of classics.
For LPs, look for things like more obscure Rolling Stones and Beatles records
in their original sleeve and un-scratched, says Tucci.
You could sell one of these for about $500.

Take the best offer: Individual leather-bound books, especially of the classics,
are often worth your time to sell.
So are LPs by jazz greats or by bands that were popular in the 60s,
as long as they're in good condition and in their original sleeve.

Free with purchase: Most paperbacks fetch about a dollar or less
and mass-produced hardbacks sell for a few bucks -- if they're not damaged.
LPs that are heavily scratched or aren't in their original sleeve likely won't
get more than a few bucks, if anything.
Your old cassettes and CDs are a tough sell these days too,
as digital music downloads have taken off.


Bargain hard: Porcelain dolls, tin toys made between the '20s and '40s,
and many toys popular with the baby boomers
-- a complete Lionel train set,
say, or Mattel's Herman Munster doll -- can be lucrative, says Acosta.
Also hot: Vintage movie posters; coin collections, especially those that feature gold coins;
and vintage cameras in good condition made by companies like
Carl Zeiss and Leica from the turn of the century until about the 1970s.

Take the best offer: Even baby boomer toys in imperfect condition are worth selling,
as are complete coin collections, even those that aren't especially rare,
because of their nostalgia factor.
Contemporary art is popular right now, as is local art,
so a painting that features an iconic building or landmark in your community
may sell well in your area.

Free with purchase: Buyers don't care much for most collectors plates with dates
-- the kind where you'd get a plate each month in the mail with a date on it
-- especially if the collection is incomplete, says Tucci.
And the kitsch bloom has worn off velvet paintings or 80s pastel,
floral and landscape paintings and prints.

And Don't Forget About ...

Family snapshots and video: Stock photography and film companies may buy
home movies -- 8mm, super-8mm and 16mm versions --
and photos that include an iconic event or a famous person --
even if your grandma is in the photo, too.
"You can sometimes make hundreds of dollars from these things," says Tucci.

Silverware and china: With the price of silver at historic levels,
sterling silver flatware is extra valuable right now.
But "even silver-plate and stainless flatware will sell simply because
it is an item that everyone can use," says Acosta says.
Most silver-plate flatware sets sell for $40 to $75;
sterling flatware sets for $500 to $1200 or more.

Items from the garage: Tools sell particularly well, says Elenson,
because they're easy for buyers to carry home and pricey when purchased new.
Old bicycles are in high demand, and that old three-speed cruiser in particular:
In good condition, you could sell it for $100 or more.
Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

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Create a Holiday Party Look In Seconds

By Woman's Day, on Wed Dec 8, 2010 11:13am PST

Fast & Festive

Special occasions call for an extra special outfit. Luckily, all it takes to transform an ordinary going-out look into a red-hot holiday ensemble is a few glamorous trimmings, like eye-catching accessories and shimmering makeup. So before you splurge on a fancy frock, flip through this slideshow to get a few ideas for sprucing up the dress you already have. From ruby-red lip color to a sequin-studded clutch, these little touches will make the holidays––and your look––worth celebrating.
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Paint the Town Red

Flattering on all skin tones, a bold scarlet lip instantly injects your daytime look with party-ready pizzazz. MAC Lipstick in MAC Red, $14.50; Hunter Dixon Mo Top, $218; (Go to the next slide for more product suggestions and application tips.)
Photo: © Michael Waring/Woman's Day

Products & Application Tips

Get red-hot results by using one of these three products. Dab on a lipstick like Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in True Red (top left, $8.99; with your fingertip for just the right amount of color, from a subtle flush to an all-out “wow.” Want a matte finish? Line lips with Sonia Kashuk’s Velvety Matte Lip Crayon in Rosey Nude (center, $7.99;, then delicately fill in. If you’re worried about feathering, opt for Avon’s Pro Color & Gloss Lip Duo in Poppy Love (bottom, $10;, which is thick enough to sit on top of fine lines without enhancing them.
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Rock On

Arm candy? Check! This sequin-studded clutch—featured here in a sophisticated deep purple hue—will keep you in good company (and style) all night long. Loud on its own, pair it with a solid-colored dress to pull the look together like a pro. Boden Glittering Clutch, $108; (Go to the next slide for more product suggestions and application tips.)
Photo: © Michael Waring/Woman's Day

Products & Application Tips

Glitzy jewel-tone accessories (a paillette-encrusted clutch, bracelets with oversize gemstones) transform wardrobe basics, like a shift dress, from simple to showstopping. Bisou Bisou for JCPenney dress, $66.99; JCPenney stores. H&M Gem Bracelet, $12.95; for stores. Dressy Ribbon-Tie Necklace, $14.50; 800-OLD-NAVY. R.J. Graziano earrings, $65. Nine West Elnora pump, $89; Curations with Stefani Greenfield Regal Stone Ring, $59.95; R.J. Graziano brooch, $95.
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Shine All Night


The easier-to-apply sister of the smoky eye: one quick sweep of metallic eyeshadow from lashline to just above the crease. MAC Eyeshadow in Forgery, $14.50; (Go to the next three slides for more product suggestions and application tips for all skin types.)
Photo: © Michael Waring/Woman's Day

Perfectly Pale

There's a metallic shadow to complement every complexion. Icy silver and platinum, for example, balance blue undertones in fair skin. Mally Beauty Single Shadow in Silver ($18;, Anna Sui Eye Color in 003 ($25;, Topshop Cream Eye Shadow in Heavy Metal ($14;
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Dark and Beautiful

Dark skin is the perfect backdrop for bold shades of copper and gold. Mehron Metallic Powder in Copper and Gold ($7.95 each;, L'Oréal Paris HIP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duos in Charged ($8; at drugstores).
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Middle Child

And a dusting of bronze shadow instantly warms up medium skin tones. Origins Eyeshadow in Copper Penny ($14;, CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast duo in Bronze Fire ($7.49; at drugstores), Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in Spicy Bronze ($3.49; at drugstores).
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

Go for the Gold

One dazzling gilded piece—like this dripping-in-sequins top or a blingedout accessory—eliminates the need to pile on jewelry and spend hours in front of the mirror deciding which necklace to wear with your favorite pair of earrings. INC International Concepts top, $69, Bloomingdale’s; J. Crew Dalton pant, $69.50; Patty Tobin Baby Briolette Hessonite Garnet Earrings, $75; (Go to the next slide for more product suggestions and application tips.)
Photo: © Michael Waring/Woman's Day

Products & Application Tips

You don't need a full-on gold-sequin shirt to benefit from the magic of metallic. Work a few smaller pieces into your outfit to add a glamorous highlighting effect. Target Multi-Strand Pearl & Chain Necklace, $49.99; Sequin Bow Hard Case Clutch, $58; Curations with Stefani Greenfield Grid Chain Bracelet, $79.95; Mixit by JCPenney ring, $11.99; 877-FIND-JCP for stores. Dolce Vita for Target Sniptoe Flat, $29.99;
Photo: © John Lawton/Woman's Day

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DIY Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

I've noticed many people are very successful with selling 
their handmade tutorials on Etsy.  
So, I've decided to take a chance at creating a tutorial.  
This is something that is totally new to me.  
I've done some promoting on Etsy and Twitter, but I haven't had any sales yet...
hm, maybe I need to work on my marketing skills a little more....
but anywho!

If you don't know, 
I am part of a mother/daughter collaboration in creating 
one of a kind polymer clay items, supplies and jewelry.  
Our first tutorial that we created together 
is for one of our Polymer Clay Rose Flowers.

The tutorial is a PDF file and is 10 pages in length.
It consists of 15 steps and 24 photos.
In the tutorial,
I provide you with all the materials you need 
as well as an estimated time you will need to set aside to create these flowers.  

They are really great pieces once you make them.  
You can use them to make earrings, rings, pendants, 
bracelets, pins, buttons, hair accessories, 
you can even use them to embellish your creative scrapbook pages!  
The possibilities are endless!

You can make these beautiful flowers in many sizes and colors!
From beginners up to experts, 
this is a great guide to use as a tool for anyone working with polymer clay.
If you are interested in purchasing this tutorial, 
you can find it on
the Too Sweet Magnolias Etsy Page: 

Cheeky Jewels

If you have yet to visit Cheeky Jewels By Sonja on Etsy, 
then I highly suggest you take the time to visit her shop.

Sonja Brekhus is the founder and designer of Cheeky Jewels By Sonja.  
A line of jewelry that is not dependent upon what you wear, 
rather the jewelry itself can be worn with anything 
and enhance the entire wardrobe. 
Cheeky Jewels by Sonja as a brand is an elegant 
and classy jewelry line designed with you in mind. 
Her jewelry has been created to be worn with 
your favorite pair of jeans or evening gown...Couture.

Here is just a sample of what you'll find in her shop...


Want to see more?  Check her out on Etsy:

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All Etsy Handmade Gift Guide By: REDBOOK

Redbook teamed up with Etsy to find their most inspiring, drool-worthy, and beautiful products that you can give as gifts this season. Every single item is handmade, so the supplies are limited. But catch them in time, and you’re sure to give a gift that your friends and family will treasure forever.

1. Tattoo-Inspired Golden Brass ($58.00)

Seller: Eninaj

These gorgeous earrings are made of brass but are delightfully lightweight. 
You can be sure that whomever you gift these to will love these eye-catching pair of earrings.

2. Handmade Suede Leather Notebook  ($30.00)

Seller: Flamboyanhandmade

These suede leather-bound notebooks are full of potential and make a perfect gift for anyone in your life. They'll treasure the handmade quality and pride in craftsmanship.

12 pages (224 sides), unlined, recycled, un-bleached brown paper. The pages in this book are hand bound using a waxed cord. No glue is used; binding is strong and permanent.

3. Family Tree Initial Necklace ($47.00)

Seller: SoulPeaces

Delicate and dainty, this necklace features initials just 2mm high, and creates a personal statement for the wearer to keep close to her heart.

4. Saint Sinner Tea Set ($45.00)

Seller: Trixiedelicious

Opposites attract! Reworked vintage English Delphine bone china teacups and saucers with white rose pattern. The text is hand painted with a devilish pair of words.

5. Personalized Sterling Silver Golf Ball Markers ($39.80)

Seller: ERiaDesigns

Here's a perfect gift for the golfers in your life. The set of four golf ball markers can be personalized with your guy's initials or a favorite phrase.

6. Glossy Orange Computer Hard Drive Clock($38.00)


This hard drive clock is custom painted a high-gloss orange and is one sleek-looking clock. Great gift for a colorful person or for the "one who has everything." Golden raised numbers (12-3-6-9 positions) can be added for free if desired.

7. Sprout Garden Herb Markers($30.00)

Seller: jCranejewelry

Make her garden even more beautiful. Four herb markers handcrafted from copper will help your mom or green-thumb best friend keep her basil and her oregano straight.

8. Sprouts Handspun Yarn ($23.00)

Seller: Yarmee

Have a knitter on your list? Chances are she'll love this mix of merino wool and tencel in fresh green and antiqued pinks.

9. Bacon Peanut Bon Bon Brittle ($15.99)

Seller: bonbonbrittle

Everything is better with bacon! Brittle is no exception. Made with gourmet applewood bacon, this brittle incorporates a rich, smoky taste with classic, sweet peanut brittle. Just try not to "sample" it before you wrap it!

10. Felted Woolen Slipper Socks ($45.00)

Seller: Pawfelts

Not just your average pair of slippers, Pawfelt's slipper socks will keep his feet toasty-warm and dry all winter. The pure wool, made-to-order comfyness of these slipper socks is unmatched. The felting process makes the socks very thick and durable to boot.