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Eye Shadow For All Eye Shapes

Eye Shadow Techniques for all Eye Shapes

By CarolB at, on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:56am PDT

Identifying the shape of your eyes will allow you to apply 
specific makeup techniques to bring out their full beauty.
There are several shapes of eyes and below I have
outlined a few common shapes and
the makeup applications to enhance their natural beauty.

Close-set eyes 
As the term applies the eyes are set close together.
To give the illusion of more width between the eyes draw a pencil line
just above the natural crease about a quarter of the way out from the inner eye.
Then apply a dark shadow and blend.
Apply a highlighter just below the outer corner of the lower lashes.
You can also add a light color for the inner corners, if you like.
This technique sets the focus on the outside of the eyes thus giving
the illusion of more width between the eyes.

Wide-set eyes
are when the eyes have a generous amount of space between the eyes.
To minimum width there are a few options.
You can apply a bit of bronzer on the ridge of the nose.
You can also use an eyebrow pencil to extend the eyebrows a bit.
Dark colored eye shadow should be uniformly placed in
 the inner corners of the eyes and lighter or medium toned
shadows on the rest of the lid and under the brow.
This technique sets the focus on the inside of the eye thus
giving the illusion of less space between the eyes.

Small eyes 
There are several techniques to give the illusion of larger eyes.
First and foremost pluck your eyebrows thinner so your eyes will appear bigger.
Your overall eye shadow colors should be light and shimmery.
Use a highlighter in the inner corners and under the brow bone.
Never apply dark or thick liners to the inside rim of the eyes.
Finally, curl your lashes for the final finish.
Almond shaped eyes 
 are the most common eye shape and have an upswept lift at the outer corner.
They can go from smoky eyes to a light and natural look.
For those with almond eyes it is just a matter of your
own creativity and the right colors for skin tone.

Deep-set eyes
 are set back thus the area from the base of the lashes
to the brow bone seem to be hidden.
To bring eyes forward use light shadows over the entire eye lid to the brow. 
Add a dot of highlighter on the inner corners of the eye.
Use a contour color just above the crease and blend upward.
Prominent eyes 
are set forward and dominate the facial features.
The goal with the proper makeup application is to minimize their appearance.
Start with darker shades of eye shadow over the entire eyelid.
Apply a lighter color, highlighter, along the brow line.
Apply eyeliner along the top lid and smudge.
Also apply a pencil line in the crease of the eye and blend.
On the lower lash line draw a line on the outer corner and smudge.
Prominent eyes do well with a smoky look and dark colors thus minimizing their appearance.
Asian Eyes 
these eyes in general are spaced wide apart and have minimal eyelid space.
In order to bring the eyes forward use a light color over the eye and blend. 
Towards the nose.
Apply a thick smoky line along upper eyelashes,
thick enough so that it can be seen when eyes are open.
Draw a thinner line under the lower eyelashes.
Line your eyebrows with brown eye shadow or brow pencil. 
Apply two or three coats of mascara for the finished look.
Hooded Eyes
 with hooded eyes the natural crease in the eyelid is not apparent.
To enhance your eyes apply highlighter at the brow bone.
Apply a darker shade on the crease and hooded area.
Finally draw a very thin line along the top lashes and smudge.
Ageing eyes
 need soft contouring.
As we age, our eyes begin to appear smaller because the eyelids start to sag.
This is the time to consider a eye shadow primer to smooth the skin.
For eye color consider a matte cream based product in
soft toned shadows like olive or mossy greens, light browns or grays and
apply to the outer corner of the eyelid extending it up.
Also consider a light silver to brighten the eye area.
Apply eye liner close to the upper lashes and drawing it thicker along the outer edges. 
For the finishing touch apply a light coat of mascara.
Heavy coats of mascara and dark color all too often look unnatural.

Well I hope you found this post helpful for enhancing your eye shape.

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