Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY Polymer Clay Flower Tutorial

I've noticed many people are very successful with selling 
their handmade tutorials on Etsy.  
So, I've decided to take a chance at creating a tutorial.  
This is something that is totally new to me.  
I've done some promoting on Etsy and Twitter, but I haven't had any sales yet...
hm, maybe I need to work on my marketing skills a little more....
but anywho!

If you don't know, 
I am part of a mother/daughter collaboration in creating 
one of a kind polymer clay items, supplies and jewelry.  
Our first tutorial that we created together 
is for one of our Polymer Clay Rose Flowers.

The tutorial is a PDF file and is 10 pages in length.
It consists of 15 steps and 24 photos.
In the tutorial,
I provide you with all the materials you need 
as well as an estimated time you will need to set aside to create these flowers.  

They are really great pieces once you make them.  
You can use them to make earrings, rings, pendants, 
bracelets, pins, buttons, hair accessories, 
you can even use them to embellish your creative scrapbook pages!  
The possibilities are endless!

You can make these beautiful flowers in many sizes and colors!
From beginners up to experts, 
this is a great guide to use as a tool for anyone working with polymer clay.
If you are interested in purchasing this tutorial, 
you can find it on
the Too Sweet Magnolias Etsy Page: 

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