Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Style Fashion and Beauty Essentials

By Sarah Bernard, Host of The Thread, on Tue Nov 9, 2010 12:49pm PST 

The holidays are about dressing up and piling on the glam, 
but on The Thread we like to do both on a budget. 
We've got what you need to hit the season in style, 
from dresses and accessories to the perfect makeup 
and shimmery nail polish to complete your look.

1. Silk dress. 
We picked a festive emerald greed option 
from Rachel Rachel Roy, one of our favorite designers. 

2. Lace platform pumps. 
Lace has been a huge trend this season, 
and platforms (as opposed to regular stilettos) 
are a lot more comfortable to stand in during cocktail parties.

3. A box clutch. 
Besides adding polish to a look, 
a box clutch is an ideal purse to carry because it fits everything—
your phone, keys, lip gloss, etc.

4. Cocktail rings. 
For over-the-top glitz, add a cocktail ring (or two). 
Arden B. and Forever 21 both have some spectacular, affordable options.

5. Sparkly nails. 
Instead of traditional holiday red, opt for shimmery gold or silver—
an understated shade that will also look appropriate at the office.

6. Gold lips. 
Have some fun with your lips! 
A translucent gold lipstick does the trick. 
If you want a bit more of a base, add the gloss on top of your everyday color.

7. Lavender smoky eyes. 
Don’t be scared of a little color on the eyes. 
It may look intimidating, but smoky lavender is one of those shades 
that complement every eye color. 
Add a touch of gold in the corners to really open up the eyes and amp up the drama.

8. Bronzed skin. 
Bronzer is not just for summer and not just for your face! 
Brush some bronzer on your arms, legs and, if you’re wearing a strapless dress… 
your shoulders, too.

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