Saturday, November 13, 2010

5 Signs You Have Bad Fitting Jeans


A flattering pair of jeans 
is a wardrobe staple that every woman seeks. 
Unfortunately, shopping for said amazing denim can be compared 
to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 
(This pair is too loose in the butt
this pair is too tight in the legs
and this pair is almost perfect—
if I didn't have to pay to get them hemmed!)

One tip that we learned from our days working at American Eagle 
is that you should always try on more than one pair 
of the same size, same style jean. 
Denim stretches, and if the pair that you grabbed has been 
tried on by a few women before you, 
they'll fit differently than a pair that was just pulled off the warehouse truck. 

With the expert help from New York-based wardrobe stylist Shatonia Amee,

Here are five signs that a pair of jeans is not for you:

1. There's bunching, wrinkles
or sagging in the crotch area. 
"You shouldn't have excess material in your crotch," Shatonia says. 
"Your jeans should be able to come all the way up and lie flat in that area. 
If not, your jeans may be too big, or your inseam may be too long." 
The solution? 
A lower-rise jean.

2. Your jeans are pulling and creasing in the crotch. 
"This means your jeans are too tight," Shatonia says. 
"You may want to try a jean with more stretch. 
Don't be afraid to go up in size, 
either — remember, your main goal is comfort!"

3. There's a large gap in the back of your jeans.
"If you can fit your fist in the back of your jeans, 
but they fit fine everywhere else, 
you need to opt for a lower-rise jean," says Shatonia. 
"Try a mid-rise; if there's still a little space, go for a low-rise. 
When changing rises, make sure the jeans fit comfortably,
and be sure your underwear is not visible.
Sit down in them to make sure you aren't revealing too much. 
If a low-rise is too revealing but there's just a little space in the mid-rise, 
you can always wear a belt or have them altered."

4. Your jeans are creating a "muffin-top." 
"There are a few reasons this may be happening," Shatonia says. 
"One reason could be that your jeans are too tight. 
Again, don't be afraid to go up in size — it's only a number!  
You want to be comfortable and look good
Another reason could be that you need a higher rise — 
your jeans should lie flat on your hips and waistline. 
When a pair of jeans is too tight or low, 
they can create that unwanted spillage, 
or muffin-top, on anyone, regardless of size."

5. Your jeans are either hitting the top of your ankle or
they're dragging, even when you're in heels
"The length of your leans is a big factor in fit," Shatonia says. 
"If your jeans only come to the top of your ankle, 
opt for a longer jean. 
Some designers indicate length in numbers, 
but some use S (short/petite), 
R (regular, for women of average height), 
or L (long, for woman who are over 5'6). 
Another problem occurs if your jeans have a lot of 
bunching at the bottom 
and are dragging on the ground. 
If this is the case, 
you need to opt for a petite style. 
If this is your issue, 
I suggest shopping at department stores; 
not many boutiques offer petite sizes, 
while most major department stores 
have a whole department for petite women." 

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