Sunday, January 30, 2011

How To Buy A Diamond Ring

January 2011 - Table Hopping

Step #1:
Learn as much as you can about diamonds!   
The best place to start is to take a few minutes to research,
find and read diamond tutorials and ring tutorials that provide 
comprehensive and unbiased treatment of diamonds and rings.    
Be sure to check when the information was last updated, 
since you will want to be up to date on the latest trends and information available to you.   
Learn about the 4 “C’s”, how to detect fakes, how to judge cuts, 
what questions to ask your jeweler, how to select a setting, and many more important topics.   
An informed consumer is a smart consumer.  
 Invest the time and do your research and you will get the best diamond ring for your money!

Step #2:
You want to find the best jeweler in your area.   
Websites like features 
a jeweler search engine, complete with reader reviews.   
Just visit a local jeweler’s database, type in your zip code, 
and get a complete listing of your local jewelers.   
Review any available reader comments about those jewelers, 
and pay them a visit!  

Step #3:
Don’t forget about the internet jewelers! also features a comprehensive listing of internet jewelers, 
complete with reader reviews.   
The internet is quickly becoming a popular way to purchase diamonds – 
be sure to take a visit to the internet jeweler’s listings as well!

Step #4:
Ask questions!   
Members of the jewelry industry as well as other consumers 
regularly monitor discussions and forums.   
You will usually have several answers back within a few hours
from a wide variety of individuals – from industry experts, to fellow consumers.

Step #5:
Learn the price of diamonds!   
Once you’ve narrowed down your selection and you’ve selected a jeweler,
the last remaining task is to negotiate the best possible price.   
Just like you wouldn’t purchase and automobile without knowing its factory – 
invoice cost (from a source like Consumer Reports and BlueBook), 
you should not purchase a diamond based solely on the jeweler’s stated price.   
Be sure to visit’s diamond price database. 
 Combined with a few negotiation tops also featured on this site, 
the diamond price database can potentially save you hundreds,
if not thousands, of dollars.

Step #6:
Buy it!   
During the process, be sure to reference the negotiation tips.   
And after the purchase, pay a visit back to for 
information on care and cleaning.

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